CSA Week 6!

Genica has been making fun of me saying that I start the blog every week with “well, it finally looks like summer…” or some similar remark. And its true! I have had these expectations for summer vegetable in a year that brings many farms behind their normal schedule, us included. I personally have been learning about patience as always while waiting and Genica and I have been discussing the idea of journey vs. destination. There is that old saying “life is a journey, not a destination” (some claim it to be Ralph Waldo Emerson who first said that), and sparing any cliché, that has been a theme here this year. Why overlook all the spring goodness to rush towards summer? Or in an even greater picture, why rush over the building phase of this farm in order to reach the “final” product. And in life in general, I know I am guilty of mentally being somewhere in the future when being present would serve so much better. Genica is the patient, accepting person on this team and she relishes in the process as we develop this place and this life together. I am not, but am continually learning. I am on the journey of learning about the journey instead of the destination.

And so, as we find ourselves entering the last week of July already, we both can’t help thinking about some major projects here, how the spring ones pulled us away from farm work, and what needs to get done before snow flies again. Yikes. Last year we lost about a month of construction to snow! Experiencing odd weather patterns also begins to shape the way we think about growing. Heavy snow and rainfall, periods of heat and drought, all seem to contribute to the greater challenge of raising food. It has been especially difficult this year as we develop basic infrastructure, banking on consistent weather to help us out in the form of heat, sun, and rain. But as we all know that has not been the case this year. This fall we have plans for two more greenhouses in the middle field which we are excited about. We will be able to try our hand at winter growing and season extension which is new to me because leasing in Waterbury did not provide the year round residence needed to support shoulder season and winter growing. Kale has been planted, overwintered onion seeds are in the mail, spinach will be seeded in late august, and various asian greens and cut greens will be directly seeded in the soil all winter long. Now all we need to do is build the greenhouses!!! The work then is fully experiencing the building of the houses, the planning and planting of the crops, all the while enjoying summer instead of rushing toward imagining harvesting crops that don’t yet even exist. Why is that so hard?

On to the share!!!


I wish it could fall out of the bag just like the picture!! This week we saw some firsts and some lasts.

  • scallions - we have been chopping and adding in sautés.

  • a bag of mixed greens - these are special because I had some leftover micros that I threw in the mix this week. Lettuce, asian greens, kale, micros, its really delicious. I like it with a lite dressing so the flavor of the greens are not overtaken.

  • a bunch of basil - there is so much beautiful basil out there that I had to repeat. Homemade pizza with basil??

  • Summer squash is in, having them in a different field across the road presents an out of sight out of mind situation so they are a little bigger than I’d like but they passed the cooking test at the home kitchen so I hope you enjoy.

  • a bunch of summer savory herbs from Genica (Home Front Gardens) . Treat it just like thyme.

  • a head of green cabbage - we have been finely dicing and sautéing with other vegetables and sausage. Kind of a polish-y sort of dish. Or you can make a quick slaw too - https://www.thekitchn.com/3-easy-recipes-for-coleslaw-dressing-221327. A lot of recipes call for sugar but we just do salt, mayo, and vinegar with some other shaved veggies. Maybe the scallions and kohlrabi??

  • Probably the last of the kohlrabi of the season. Although it may make an appearance in the late fall.

  • The last of the Summer snap peas, - sweet and delicious and not a fan of heat. good bye peas!!

  • a case of edible flowers from Genica. Use as a garnish, in a salad, so pretty and delightful

  • the first of the years tomatoes. So maybe this week last year we brought 60 or so pounds to market, but this year is way different. We are starting slow with the tomatoes and this being the first harvest of the season, I was trying to spread it to everyone soooo, enjoy and know there are plenty more on the way.

Thank you to everyone - I hope this summer finds you enjoying the journey and not looking too far into the future. Have a great week.